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About Us

About Sammy Consulting

Sammy consulting is in the business of providing interface between supplier and buyers globally. We specialize in engineering business with more focus on products related to Automotive, agricultural equipments and construction equipments. We also represent various organizations through our distributor partners globally.

We help organizations to turn around their business ventures towards profitability by installing modern manufacturing systems and practices like lean manufacturing sig sigma. Our associates are experts in business development, engineering, TQM, Market research etc.

We specialise in global competitiveness of Indian industries and organizations by analyzing the competitive index and implementing recipies specific to the organisation

We provide a road map for organizations to achieve its goals by differentiating from its peers.

The fundamental of our recipes are based on strategic solution selling rather than commodity selling.

Business philosophy

  1. All clients are experts in their activities. We identify the specific knowledge gaps and fill in the gaps
  2. Focus on relationships and not revenues. We develop a network of global contacts and leverage these contacts to achieve the goals of our customers
  3. We sell results and not services. We differentiate ourselves as solution providers and not service providers
  4. We provide flexibility and transparency. We do not take competitive customers at any given time
  5. We always close our activities assigned and agreed with our customers
  6. We believe in total integrity and ethics in our business practices even at the cost of revenues. Customers can depend on us for unwritten unconditional integrity.